From the classic to the casual, from the Oriental to modern authentic Kenyan,
all topped off with authentic international cuisines at the best restaurants Vicmark has to offer.

The stream of Great Drinks

Oreiyet means River in Maasai Language. Just like a River with Crystal clear waters that perfectly quenches your thirst, our Oreiyet Coffee shop flows with undeniably refreshing beverages that smell and taste really good. Our seasoned baristas ensure your coffee and other beverages are made just the way you like it.

On the Mainstream of the Breeze

See the great expanse of Nakuru Town and its environs from the scenic Ole Dume rooftop situated on the fourth floor of our facility. From here you can see; Menengai Crater Forest and the crater rim, The Lion Hill inside Lake Nakuru National Park, the devoted hardworking local people, the busy Great North Highway that connects Kenya with Neighboring countries of Uganda, Rwanda, DRC Congo and South Sudan.

Fine Dining Experience

Thinking of a nice place to do your fine dining in Nakuru, our Sida fine dining Restaurant suits you best. Derived from Magsai word for Nice, Sidai Restaurant has been crafted to offer the discerning diners a place they can feel comfortable and class
Our wide selection of great meals ensure you lack nothing from your choice of delicacies.

The Business Area

We figured out that you will at times need to get down to business in an environment that strikes a perfect balance between seriousness and relaxation. That is why we created Esiai Lounge. Esiai which means Work in the Maasal Language gives you a great business environment amidst a relaxing setting and supportive waiters. Your food and drinks are served right in the Esidi Lounge making it very convenient for you and your guests.

The Relaxation Balcony

The Osotua terrace in our becutiful balcony is a place of perfect peace and relaxation. It is a place where you want to chill after a long day or do your meetup with sheer laze. Osotua which means peace in the Maasai language gives you the unique ambience ofcalmness and comfort. It is indeed a place to connect with yourself as you sample our great selection of foods and drinks

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